Projection of a two-mode innovation network

If you want to analyze the structure of an innovation network you are often faced with the problem that you have two-mode data, e.g. you have data of firms that collaborate in a common R&D project. That is, each firm is connected to the project (Figure 1).Rplot_netWe assume that if firms participate in the same project, then they interact with each other. So we need a projection of a two-mode network into a one-mode network where the actors are linked to each other (Figure 2).Rplot_net.pThis can be done by the igraph package. A small example dataset can be downloaded here: example1.

# load the igraph package
library ("igraph")
# load the example dataset
data <- read.csv2("example1.csv", header = T)
# create an igraph object
net <- (data, directed = F)
# plot the two-mode network, firms are connected
# to the projects
plot (net)
# add a "type" variable to indicate that we have
# two-mode network
V(net)$type<- V(net)$name %in% data [,1]
# project the two-mode into a one-mode network
net.p <-  bipartite.projection(net)$proj2
# plot the projected network
plot (net.p)

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